Yondi learns more then she expected

Yondi (the person waving at you) has had type 1 since 2001 and loves to run! Here are a couple of snippets Yondi has sent in:


I am following the e-coaching it’s all coming together and the dashboard is not looking so scary now.

“Hi Allan, I have just started using the website, glad I took a second look! Thanks for a great site.. I received the link in an email a few weeks ago I quickly checked out the sampler. Went straight to the dashboard and thought “What’s all this? it looks like way too much work” (I know you say do the e-coach first but you know I’m one of those people who reads the instructions later). Anyway, I received an e-mail today saying the sample time had been extended so I thought I’d just have another look. This time I looked properly and since hypoing on last night’s run I thought I’ll join what have I got to lose, I might even learn something. I’m glad I did. Now that I am following the e-coaching it’s all coming together and the dashboard is not looking so scary now. I am very excited to get started but I still have a few modules to go before I can start to use the dashboard. Yondi”

From Module 3:Greatest interest: I really liked the explanation of taking into consideration PIA times when exercising. It makes a lot of sense and I am definitely going to try and look at this. When I run in the arvo I am more likely to have a hypo than in the morning. I thought it was because I have had all the activity of the day behind me maybe having run down glucogen stores. However now I see that I may be exercising in a PIA time. Usually I have lunch at 12.30 and then I snack again after work at 3pm. Then I run between 4and 4.30pm. I would be better not having that snack at 3pm as this would allow the bolus insulin to finish its action time from lunch thus decreasing hypo risk.

BEFORE: I would have a lowered basal rate running for about 1-2 hours before my run about -40%. I would eat and bolus at least 1 hour before my run.

AFTER: I have adjusted my exercise to bolus times to avoid exercising at PIA times. This has made a huge difference and although I have not perfected it yet I think before I was eating a lot of extra carbs due to exercising in this PIA time. It was not a huge adjustment I just hadn’t been aware that I was doing this. I also usually always make sure my BGL prior to exercise is between 11 and 13mmol if it is lower than 9 I will have a hypo but once again I think now this could be due to exercising in the PIA time. Slowly I will try with lower starting BGL’s ensuring that I am exercising outside of the PIA times. If my starting BGL’s could be about 9 or 10 that would be great.