exT1D has changed my life for the better, it is the best find ever! Daniel Condon AKA Irish

“When I found a link to your site I thought I’d give it a go, and Allan, it totally blew me away. Every question I want to know was here. How to prepare for sport?, How my muscles are effected during sport? and How glucose is taken in?. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put in. You have changed my life for the better.”

Parents use exT1D to help teenager with type 1 diabetes reach sporting potential

This is so freeing for someone living with T1 and a real peace of mind for us as parents helping him to manage his diabetes. It has been the major resource in helping us tailor his management to fit him with reliable tools and information. I cannot recommend it enough.

Gregory Solomon Diabetes CNC (CDE) (Alice Springs Hospital)

Doing the exT1D learning modules has been money worth spending and has not only reinforced what I already knew but filled in the gaps of what I thought I knew. One of the things I have come across when talking with a person who has T1D is that people, practitioners included, see its management as prescriptive…

Credentialed Diabetes Educator Sylvana Boitano gives the Thumbs Up to exT1D

Most helpful for me was the information about GLUT4 activation which helped me to explain the development of hypoglycaemia with exercise. I have been able to use this information when educating clients with T1 & T2DM in my practice.

Not just for sport heads & fitties with Type 1 Diabetes – Steve Slade

“It has literally changed my life, I feel better about living with Type 1, I’m enjoying regular exercise and as an added bonus I’ve lost 10kgs.”

Guy Bortz Personal Trainer with Type 1 Diabetes – exT1D the missing link

“exT1D has given me the FREEDOM to exercise ALMOST as if i wasn’t diabetic… With hba1c’s ranging between 9-10, my frustration grew and hope diminished… One year later, my hba1c is sitting at around 7 and I anticipate it will drop further.”

At last, after 30 years I understand type 1 diabetes and my exercise! Terry Lee-Williams

Hey Allan, after 30 years of trying to work it all out for myself, because no endo, educator or physiologist could work out my wild readings after exercise, you cracked it, thanks.

Linda Coventry Overcomes Type 1 challenges & completes 19.7km Rottnest Island Swim

“I thought there must be a better way… Your advice on where to place my pump, plan for infusion set failures and how to swim with my pump on, as well as titrate my basal rate to cover my food and drink while swimming was fantastic. You can’t find this practical, physical problem solving knowledge in text books, it only comes from lived experience like yours.”

Paul Morris takes action against severe hypoglycaemia and wins

Allan I wanted to again, take the opportunity to thank you for all the hard work that you have put into making this resource available for me and other people in a similar situation, struggling with exercise and type 1 diabetes. For me personally, it has not only been...

Latin dancer Matthew Beattie beats Type 1 Diabetes blues & dances again

Allan Bolton’s e-Coach modules have made a world of difference for me. It really has been a case of “I wish I knew this information years ago!” I’ve lived with Type 1 diabetes for 30+ years and have experienced all matter of difficulties with managing exercise, BSL’s and insulin.

Jaimee Rossborough (RN, AEP, DE, T1D 17 years) exT1D The missing link exercise and Type 1 Diabetes

“Allan has developed an incredible program which has improved my performance, confidence, happiness and overall quality of life! I cannot thank him enough. I am saddened to think this information is available, yet not easily accessible, to health professionals who have the ability to enhance the lives of those living with T1D.”

The Type 1 Diabetes Exercise Study University of Sydney and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

A few months ago after hearing comments from a couple of high level diabetes experts my curiosity was aroused regarding a definitive blood glucose level that indicates clinical hypoglycaemia. So I went searching…

After 48 years Jackie Wright discovers exT1D and finds Type 1 Diabetes exercise success

I was both delighted and furious that the information that I had been seeking for so long was in fact available and that I could have had access to it earlier! But, better late than never. I am now 50, have had type 1 for 48 years and just last week rode my bike to work 4 days running without a single hypo! (Approximately 15kms each way of moderate to hard travelling for me). Only someone who has lived with type 1 will get what an amazingly liberating feeling that is.

Amy McKinnon now runs longer, feels better and keeps her blood glucose in range

Earlier this year I decided I needed to take action – so I worked my way through the ext1d modules. After two weeks I’d completed all modules and gained some really useful information on how you can exercise and maintain good sugar levels at the same time.

Jess Wheeler (Pharmacist) type 1 diabetes exercise success and better HbA1c levels

“My diabetes care team often joked that if I stopped exercising my blood glucose levels could be easier to manage. I now feel the best I have felt in a very long time and no longer dread getting my HbA1c done. I cannot thank Coach Bolton enough for all his hard work and effort he has put into creating this gem of a website.”

Duncan read T1D 24 years finishes first multisport adventure race

Hey Coach, Been a while. I hope things are going well for you.
I thought I’d let you know what I am planning this weekend… I also wanted to thank you for helping me all those many months (years) ago as that was a big inspiration for me getting into adventure and endurance racing, and having the confidence to handle my sugars and insulin, particularly important for the 100km trek this weekend.

Leigh Austin now staying on top of Type 1 Diabetes & taking turns at front of the bunch

Leigh Austin age 47, T1D 17 years Allan, what a great tool this website is. I have been a type 1 for 17 years and searched hard for something like this. I had been struggling during my early morning rides for ages, but once I signed up I found the answer to my...

Matt Cady improves cycling performance with Type 1 Diabetes

PreviouslyI knew what was going to happen, now I know why and can stay a step ahead. I no longer have to “wing it”. After showing my parents through the e-coach they commented “If only we had that information fifteen years ago!”

Sue Jarrad exT1D helps Sue overcome physical and emotional challenges with Type 1 Diabetes

Thank you so much, we need many more like you… dedicated to the cause - living healthy with Type 1 Diabetes! Your wisdom & experience is invaluable…. Take care & thank you so much - Sue J

Shaun Warner 38 year old triathlete recently diagnosed type 1 diabetes

Shaun Warner 38 year old triathlete recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. "Devestated and feeling lost I sold my race wheels and put my beloved Time Trail bike in the shed. I thought my days racing triathlons were over.....until I found exT1D." Allan, I just wanted...

JB Cunningham, Ohio, USA finishes his 2nd run race in 17 years

Congratulations James B Cunningham, Ohio, USA. Age 43 Diagnosed Type 1 29th April 2010 finishes his 2nd race in 17 years with flying colours! JB wrote: Hey Allan, I just wanted to let you know I completed my first half marathon (and only second race in 17 years) this...

Regional CDE and Erinn Teenager with Type 1 Diabetes achieve exercise success

Diana and Erinn win 1 of 10 case study awards with help from exT1D at the 2011 ADS/ADEA Annual scientific Meeting. Award winners are determined by the Australian Diabetes Educators Association in recognition of innovative and successful patient outcomes.

Daniel Camilleri – exT1D plugs the the type 1 diabetes & exercise education gap

As you know I studied two years of Medical Science before making the switch to a degree in Human Movement. I think it would be safe to say that I had a firm grasp of the physiological concepts that take place in the human body during both rest and exercise… eXT1D has greatly helped me bridge this gap, and I now feel more equipped to make informed decisions when it comes time to make adjustments based on my activity levels.

Moira Jenkins T1D 18 months finishes her first half marathon (21.1km) with help from exT1D

Got to say Allan, the tips and advice I gained from your website were invaluable not just for the half marathon, but for increasing my level of confidence as my running increased and I challenged my body further. My endocrinologist also agreed with the strategies that I was putting in place and agreed with a number of things that the website had shown me.

Marguerite and Mitchell age 10 with Type 1 Diabetes

We’ve had lots of trouble trying to figure ways to avoid the up & down swings. Insights I gained from the e-coach really opened my eyes and helped me develop a plan that has worked… Thanks for your help!

Robyn Mallett CDE Masters Ex. Science gives exT1D the thumbs up

Fantastic website Allan! I can personally say, how much information, research and effort you have put into this fabulous project is impressive indeed.

Mark Tait – education revelation after having type 1 diabetes for 11 years

I learnt more about type 1 diabetes management in the 4 or so hours that it took me to complete my first sweep of the e-coach modules, than I have in my previous 11 years as a diabetic. I wish I had discovered it 10 years ago!!

Emma Montague newly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes looking to stay active

I have really enjoyed learning about the physiology of diabetes and feel that I have a much better understanding and am more equipped to manage it well.

Cathy & Rod Miller parents of active 13 year old girl with Type 1 Diabetes

With Danielle being active at school with P.E. and Dance, the e-coach has given us the confidence to make the necessary changes to ensure her safety during and after exercise. Diabetes is a lifetime challenge and you have given us the information we had been seeking to make better informed decisions for our daughter’s care.

Barriers to Physical Activity for people with Type 1 Diabetes

Using a diabetes specific measuring tool, this study looked at identifying barriers to being regularly physically active in adults with type 1 diabetes.

Jason Harwood – Type 1 Diabetes 25 years and daughter Ayla T1D 5 years

For me, to come through a 25-year period of exercise exile and for my beautiful little daughter, now able to face a future where there are really no T1 barriers left to tackle, how do you put a price on that, how do you acknowledge such a life-enriching gift? All we can say is thank-you Coach Bolton.

Jane Degenaars CDE and mother of teen with type 1 diabetes on exT1D

I think it will cater to all types of people, parents and kids, and depending on how much they want to know and understand it is all there. I think you have done a great job with a difficult subject and given there is so little information on exercise out there.

I think it is very cleverly put together with quizzes, graphics and your real life experiences.

Yondi learns more then she expected

I received an e-mail today saying the sample time had been extended so I thought I’d just have another look. This time I looked properly and since hypoing on last night’s run I thought I’ll join what have I got to lose, I might even learn something. I’m glad I did.

Vashti beats Type 1 Diabetes Exercise Ups & Downs

This is software written by someone who lives and breathes this information every day. His success in exercising with Type 1 diabetes is a testament to his solid knowledge and dedication to giving and getting the best from himself despite this chronic condition. He walks the walk and talks the talk.

What Catherine Beenie CDE has to say about exT1D

What I have learnt from your site far outweighs the many lectures I’ve attended, it’s good practical stuff with lots of useful tips that I can immediately put into practice and it’s certainly better value for money than attending lectures!

exT1D - Real People, Real Outcomes, Better Lives!

All customers displayed in the slider above could relate to at least one of the scenarios below. What about you?

Girl with Type 1 Diabetes confused about where to start?

Confused about where to start?

exT1D gives you a place to start and all the info you need to keep going! A key reason people with type 1 diabetes are not as active as they would like is they simply find it all too confusing. One of the most frustrating parts of having type 1 diabetes is when everything you read says exercise is good for you and then leaves you standing, thinking OK, show me how? exT1D will build your understanding and confidence so exercise and healthy diabetes management can become part of everyday life. This translates to a happier, healthier and feeling in control you!

A parent looking for answers?

A parent looking for answers?

exT1D provides practical strategies to empower parents to help their kids have fun. Text book diabetes management can be like ‘ground hog day’ - what kid wants that life? Parents often feel powerless and gulity when weekend sport, practice and school physical education schedules don’t sync with their child’s usual management plan. Worse still, when they finally get things sorted schedules change and so the frustration goes… exT1D provides practical models to help parents get their heads around the complexities of exercising with type 1 diabetes so they can contribute and be part of the solution.

Fit but looking for a better way?

Fit but looking for a better way?

Sound familiar? I’m fit and a regular exerciser but my blood glucose levels are all over the place! Being fit and active is important for everyone whether you have diabetes or not. Looking fit however doesn’t make up for blood sugar graphs that look more like an electrocardiogram (ECG) i.e., all over the place. Aside from the broader health issues, being able to manage BGLs and exercise better will simply have you feeling in control and performing better. You will get more out of each workout, feel better afterwards and enjoy greater improvements in fitness and head space.

A leisure athlete seeking improvement?

A leisure athlete seeking improvement?

If you’re a recreational athlete looking fo improvement exT1D gives you good ideas to help you get the best out of your training strategy. Better blood glucose levels = better better performance. Even if you’re good at getting your blood sugars right during sport there’s always room for improvement. If you are willing to put the physical effort into training it makes good sense to work at getting your BGLs right. exT1D provides some great tips to improve your performance through better diabetes management.

Looking to optimise weight management?

Looking to optimise weight management?

Why exercise when I have to eat so much to avoid hypos? How can it possibly help me manage or lose weight? I really like exercise for the way it makes e feel but this is a major deterrent. Sound familiar? This is a frustration of many people with Type 1 Diabetes, learning more about the relationships between exercise timing and your insulin profile will help you get a weight loss benefit from exercise. Getting fitter also makes insulin work better so you don’t need as much, this improves weight management.

Looking to fine tune hard core performance?

Looking to fine tune hard core performance?

Unstable BGLs = reduced performance. Learn how to get it right when it counts! When you’re looking for the competitive edge small improvements mean a lot! To extract the best out of yourself you need to understand your type 1 diabetes well. When seeking the performance edge you have to be like a hunter stalking his prey. You need to understand its behaviour and be able to accurately predict its every move. exT1D provides type 1 insight that could help you identify better performance strategies.

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