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Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes

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Hey Allan, after 30 years of trying to work it all out for myself, because no endo, educator or physiologist could work out my wild readings after exercise, you cracked it, thanks. I reckon I have spent close to $3,500 on private sessions trying to crack the hypers in particular. So, to me, $85 is a bargain. Love your work!

Terry Lee-Williams

Type 1 Diabetes 30 years

As a diabetes educator one of the hardest questions when someone with Type 1 Diabetes asks… “what do I need to do when I exercise?” This site delivers what it promises. The depth of information is far more than I expected, it is definitely relevant to my practice. What I have learnt from exT1D far outweighs the many lectures I have been to, it’s good practical stuff with lots of useful tips… certainly better value for money than attending lectures!

Catherine Beenie