Paul Morris takes action against severe hypoglycaemia and wins

Allan I wanted to again, take the opportunity to thank you for all the hard work that you have put into making this resource available for me and other people in a similar situation, struggling with exercise and type 1 diabetes.

For me personally, it has not only been the difference between enjoying and understanding exercise with type 1, but allowed me to continue to work towards a healthy and active lifestyle, when I had previously been ready to give up exercise and training almost all together. At the beginning of last year I made a promise to myself, to really work towards being physically active and healthy in my approach to my life.

Paul Morris

I spent more than 1 confused night in the emergency department, I thought when is enough, enough?

I have always been reasonably active, having participated in a few charity boxing events and always getting out and about with friends, but it had always been during sporadic periods and not a continued effort or commitment on my behalf, so I signed up with a personal trainer and traded late nights out after work for weight training sessions at the gym and began to monitor my diet.

Almost immediately after this, the hypos began. They were sometimes minor, but also often very serious and I spent more than 1 confused night in the emergency department, recovering from a bad case of hypoglycaemia.

Fortunately though, 1 night while trolling the internet and came across the ext1d website. Thank goodness!!!

This not only was irritating and demotivating, it was also damn scary. If it hadn’t been for my beautiful and loving partner, I don’t think I would still be here to send you this e-mail of thanks (Thanks Masha xoxo). After yet another episode and spending my 30th birthday night in the emergency department of RNSH, I decided that enough was enough and was at the stage where I was ready to give up the idea of having a physically active lifestyle and returning to my mundane routine.

Fortunately though, 1 night while trolling the internet and came across the ext1d website. Thank goodness!!! I hadn’t realised just how much I had forgotten about managing my condition over the years. After reading through the education part of the resource and some consultation with doctors and educators at the clinic at RNSH I changed my long acting insulin to a 24 hr insulin and my control was almost immediately better.

I began planning for delayed onset hypoglycaemia and put strategies in place to avoid any serious or unexpected episodes. That isn’t to say that everything is perfect these days, I still have the occasional surprise hypo, especially after a big leg session on the weights, but I am prepared and watching for that delayed drop in BGL.

In particular the calculating of ex carbs, and using strategy to reduce insulin dosage around net carb requirement, rather than increasing carbohydrate intake around exercise has been invaluable to me, especially when I am trying to be careful of what I am eating.

Also invaluable to me has been understanding the process of glycogen restoration after strenuous activity and when and how it occurs.

More recently it was great to meet with you to hear more about your life and experiences with Type 1, the health community and ongoing tenacious and resilient approach to life, in spite of all the challenges that we can face along the way. My life now has a new direction, I hope to one day be a diabetes educator and health professional and it has been the turn around in my view towards exercise, achieved through the experience of learning from this online program that has shown me the benefit that one person can make to another’s life and it is something that I hope to, no matter how small, be able to contribute to making in another’s life one day. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and stories, it has been, if nothing else inspiring. I would be more than happy, at any time to take the opportunity to recommend the resource and process to anybody wanting to learn more about type 1 and exercise.

Warm Regards Paul Morris