Parents use exT1D to help teenager with type 1 diabetes reach sporting potential

Dear Allan, I cannot thank you enough for the exT1D programme.  Our son Nicholas was diagnosed with T1 when he was 10.  He has always been extremely active and soccer is a real passion for him.  Last year at the age of 14 he was playing in the U17 team and training with the senior teams.  But with all that came a need for us to know just how to manage his blood glucose levels during and post games and training, especially as most of his training was done in the early evening. Post exercise hypos and dealing with the effects of adrenalin on match days were issues we really needed help with.

nick-henderson-684w-x-547hI struggled to find anyone who could do more than just give a few general pointers. Living in Mt Gambier (five hours from any major centre such as Adelaide or Melbourne) means it is both time consuming and financially a burden to travel to any possible seminar that may only last an hour and again only give very general management information.

I had heard of your programme through Roger Hanney initially and then again through our paediatrician Dr Nick Thies. 

We have not looked back since then. Some of the benefits are:

1. The slides and audio help explain exactly what happens in the body of a person with T1, and why it happens…so background information has helped build our understanding and a foundation as to why we need to do certain things.
2. The on-line aspect means we can access the information anytime in the convenience of our own home.
3. We are able to review it over and over again
4. It is an invaluable, quality resource that we can access despite being so far from a main centre.

Your programme has helped grow in us a confidence to help Nick to take on whatever exercise he wants, to whatever level he chooses. This is so freeing for someone living with T1 and a real peace of mind for us as parents helping him to manage his diabetes.  It has been the major resource in helping us tailor his management to fit him with reliable tools and information. I cannot recommend it enough.

Thank you so much for making this resource available. 

With warm regards, Shani and John Henderson