JB Cunningham, Ohio, USA finishes his 2nd run race in 17 years

Congratulations James B Cunningham, Ohio, USA. Age 43 Diagnosed Type 1 29th April 2010 finishes his 2nd race in 17 years with flying colours!

JB wrote:
Hey Allan, I just wanted to let you know I completed my first half marathon (and only second race in 17 years) this past weekend.

James B Cunningham

James B Cunningham finishes half marathon, his first race in 17 years.

It was a GREAT experience.  I finished 100th out of 5945 runners overall and 4th out of 380 runners in my age group (40-44).  My time was 1:29:18.I slightly misjudged timing my in-race carbohydrate intake and went a little low nearing the half way point. Based on my last race (a 10K) where did just fine without extra carbohydrates I calculated I could probably take in a GU at the half way point and be fine.  Taking 2 vanilla GU (carb gels totaling about 58 grams) solved the low pretty quickly. Otherwise my blood sugar stayed steady.

Congratulations on getting the funding to do the research.  I am confident they will find your methods and tools to be the best available!!! Your site has been an absolute Godsend for me.  I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a couple of years ago.  I’ve also been a runner a majority of my life and just prior to my diagnosis I started training to run some races for the next summer and fall (I hadn’t raced in 15 years).

After searching the internet extensively I couldn’t believe the absence of useful information available. Most advice was to drive up my blood glucose up high prior to running. I wasn’t very comfortable with that and kept searching until I found your site – it is truly unique.

Since joining I’ve been through just about everything in your site several times with my understanding of type 1 building each time. The e-coach tools have given me the skills and confidence to start my runs well within in my target range and stay there most of the time.  As you say upfront, it has taken some trial and error to figure out how much and how often, but it is working like a dream.

In fact, I have been “educating” my Endocrinologist because she had also suggested I push my blood glucose levels up prior to running so I want her to hopefully give better advice to other patients in my situation.

Thanks again for all you are doing for us type 1 diabetic endurance athletes and I hope your wife’s recovery is coming along well!!