Jason Harwood – Type 1 Diabetes 25 years and daughter Ayla T1D 5 years

The vast majority of innovations to T1 management that I’ve seen reported over the decades have led nowhere. My sister, daughter & I have had remarkable success with insulin pump technology and there have been vast improvements over time with blood glucose monitors (as with all gadgets).

With more nutritional research, we’ve had access to superior information and education relating to diet. But exercise… Let alone competitive sport!! It’s been the elephant in the room for generations of T1’s - a complete enigma.

And so now, here comes Coach Bolton with his glitzy-looking site claiming to have the answers - hmmm! And yet, despite myself, despite my hardened cynicism, I couldn’t help but wonder…

So against my better judgement I investigated and was astonished to learn that this site delivers. Not just on what it promises up front, but on those deep-seated hopes within all of us. For Ayla & I the secret to our diabetes success has been to avoid exercise.

And now, after the enlightenment I’ve found and the education received from eXT1D, a whole new set of challenges confronts us: Monday - Swimming; Monday Night - Dance; Wednesday - Swimming; Wednesday Night - Karate; Thursday - School Sport; Saturday - Soccer (or Surfing).

For me, to come through a 25-year period of exercise exile and for my beautiful little daughter, now able to face a future where there are really no T1 barriers left to tackle, how do you put a price on that, how do you acknowledge such a life-enriching gift? All we can say is thank-you Coach Bolton.