Guy Bortz Personal Trainer with Type 1 Diabetes – exT1D the missing link

Allan, I’ve been meaning to write to you for some time about how the work you have put into exT1D has had such a positive influence on my life with type 1 diabetes. Not many can truly appreciate the difficulties in managing a disease such as type 1 diabetes, never mind the challenge involved in managing it around exercise. Working towards whatever goal one might have is made that much harder with the disease. Flexibility and peace of mind is compromised, however as you say Allan, the earlier one accepts the reality the better.

“…With hba1c’s ranging between 9-10, my frustration grew and hope diminished… One year later, my hba1c is sitting at around 7 and I anticipate it will drop further.”

Guy Bortz

exT1D has given me the FREEDOM to exercise ALMOST as if i wasn’t diabetic.

Exercise has been part of my life since the age of 7. I thoroughly enjoy exercise and find it mutually beneficial for my diabetes management. As an extremely passionate fitness enthusiast and personal trainer, I am always aiming to increase my knowledge of exercise, nutrition, health and the like. The plethora of information available online stimulated my passion further. However, I was never able to stumble upon resources for type 1 diabetics. Being shortsighted, I accepted this as reality due to such a small proportion of type 1’s who exercise as passionately as I do. As the fitness resources were written for the general public, I was unable to make the connection between the facts and diabetes - I lacked the skill to ‘translate’ the article to my condition. For years I sought out a resource that helped me to do so. With hba1c’s ranging between 9-10, my frustration grew and hope diminished, as I saw few flaws in my very disciplined eating and exercising approach.

exT1D is not just a resource, it’s a unique teaching tool. Most teaching tools help people understand concepts and ideas, maybe even assist them in applying that concept. However, exT1D is so unique in that it helps users understand how exercise of all sorts effects the body in different ways. Further, it instills within the user an ability to apply skills to their own life in order to make the necessary changes.

exT1D was that missing link in my learning. Ever since I started on the program, I have been able to critically analyse EVERYTHING I read and understand how it would affect me as a diabetic. I am forever grateful for the skill it has instilled within me that I will use for the rest of my life, especially with exercise. One year later, my hba1c is sitting at around 7 and I anticipate it will drop further. Words cannot describe the gratitude and appreciation I show towards you Allan, for your hard work and dedication in such a selfless project that has helped many type 1 diabetics exercise with no limits and some peace of mind - something I thought never possible. I am now more flexible and not as anxious to exercise, am less frustrated and I am not scared to try different exercise methods as I now know how to better manage myself. exT1D has given me the FREEDOM to exercise ALMOST as if I wasn’t diabetic.

No words can describe the excitement I get when all the hard effort I have put in over the years is being paid off. Only a diabetic can understand the satisfaction of being able to maintain steady sugar levels before, during and (more importantly) after exercise. exT1D has given me the skill to do so, and therefore I will forever be grateful for such a great resource and tool.

My only disappointment is the general lack of awareness of the program and the fact that diabetes educators and specialists etc. are not aware/recommending the program. For such an insignificant cost, one can gain so much in health, happiness and longevity. Further, Id like to see more resources like ext1d, such as podcasts. I feel educating others is the best way to improve the health and wellbeing of any (or all) individual(s).

Allan, thanks again for all your hard work and sharing your experience(s) in helping others manage their diabetes. You are a legend.

Regards, Guy.