Gregory Solomon Diabetes CNC (CDE) (Alice Springs Hospital)

Doing the exT1D learning modules has been money worth spending and has not only reinforced what I already knew but filled in the gaps of what I thought I knew. One of the things I have come across when talking with a person who has T1D is that people, practitioners included, see its management as prescriptive, for example, you eat you bolus but without taking into account all the other variables at play that can lead to variable BGL control. Allan’s vast experience in the field, both personally and professionally gives him the credibility and the passion that helps enable others with T1D to master basic principles so as to achieve the best out of life by creating an awareness to be mindful of a more dynamic management approach and hence more flexibility.

Lastly, Allan delves into the physiology at its most basic and provides a lot of practical tips to assist those with what is seen by some as a difficult topic that many find difficult to manage well… with the question asked or just not acknowledged ‘What do I do when I exercise?’ Well done Allan, the work and passion you have put into this and continue to do so is a credit to the ‘diabetes world’. For anyone wanting to learn how to apply the principles, or to build upon and optimise what they already know with regards to exercise and T1DM and do it confidently then this is a practical resource for both the person living with Diabetes and the professional assisting.