After 48 years Jackie Wright discovers exT1D and finds Type 1 Diabetes exercise success

I was both delighted and furious that the information that I had been seeking for so long was in fact available and that I could have had access to it earlier! But, better late than never. I am now 50, have had type 1 for 48 years and just last week rode my bike to work 4 days running without a single hypo! (Approximately 15kms each way of moderate to hard travelling for me). Only someone who has lived with type 1 will get what an amazingly liberating feeling that is.

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Duncan read T1D 24 years finishes first multisport adventure race

Hey Coach, Been a while. I hope things are going well for you.
I thought I’d let you know what I am planning this weekend… I also wanted to thank you for helping me all those many months (years) ago as that was a big inspiration for me getting into adventure and endurance racing, and having the confidence to handle my sugars and insulin, particularly important for the 100km trek this weekend.

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Daniel Camilleri – exT1D plugs the the type 1 diabetes & exercise education gap

As you know I studied two years of Medical Science before making the switch to a degree in Human Movement. I think it would be safe to say that I had a firm grasp of the physiological concepts that take place in the human body during both rest and exercise… eXT1D has greatly helped me bridge this gap, and I now feel more equipped to make informed decisions when it comes time to make adjustments based on my activity levels.

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