Duncan read T1D 24 years finishes first multisport adventure race

Celebrating success! Well done Duncan Read age 38, T1D 24 years finishing his first multisport adventure race with help from eXT1D.

Duncan Read

Duncan Read Age 38, T1D 24 years finishing his first adventure race

Duncan (right) is one of the people with T1 who helped evaluate the member section during development. He emailed me for advice so I invited him to evaluate the member tools. He’s an old hand at T1D and back in January he completed his first adventure race in the Blue Mountains of NSW. A typical race looks like this: 2km bush trail run, 10km Mountain bike, 1km kayak, 5km Mountain bike, 5km bush trail run, 7km Mountain bike, finishing with a 2km kayak. Some legs require orienteering skills.

Hey Coach, Been a while.  I hope things are going well for you.

I thought I’d let you know what I am planning this weekend…  I also wanted to thank you for helping me all those many months (years) ago as that was a big inspiration for me getting into adventure and endurance racing, and having the confidence to handle my sugars and insulin, particularly important for the 100km trek this weekend.

Duncan wrote: “Hey Allan, thought I’d drop you a line to say thanks. Your tips were really helpful and the adventure race went well and was a lot of fun. As it turned out our biggest problem was that my partner started cramping after only one and a half hours which slowed us down considerably. I felt sorry for him but I was glad diabetes wasn’t to blame! We ended up finishing in 4.5 hrs but I had plenty of energy left.

Sports drink worked really well and I should have stuck with it on its own. My BSLs were 6-10 for the first 3 hrs. But my BG monitor then drowned (during the kayak leg water or sweat got into the screen and killed it). I had a spare monitor back in the car but for the last hour and a half I was winging it, and in an ultra cautious move ate a muesli bar and a gu – so when I finished my BSL was up around 17. My lesson - waterproof my monitor, don’t guess, just test. Best of all, no post exercise or night-time hypo.

All up , it was great to have the confidence to enter, only downside is I’ve caught the bug for adventure racing. Can’t wait for the next series race in July that’s being held at the Central Coast.

Thanks again, Duncan