Credentialed Diabetes Educator Sylvana Boitano gives the Thumbs Up to exT1D

Hi Allan, I am writing this to let you know how useful I have found the exercise modules on your website.

You have managed to deliver a difficult subject in understandable language.

I have heard you present at the ADEA conference and Diabetes Australia meetings at Hindmarsh with sessions for T1 & T2DM.

Most helpful for me was the information about GLUT4 activation which helped me to explain the development of hypoglycaemia with exercise. I have been able to use this information when educating clients with T1 & T2DM in my practice.

The ADEA members that attended your sessions at Hindmarsh and ADEA meeting said very similar comments to me. Several of the ADEA members are parents or married to T1DM people and benefited greatly from the information provided.

I have recommended your website to many of the young T1DM people I see who are playing competitive sport and need help with management particularly during study.

I have been able to use this information when mentoring work colleagues like dietitians and nurses and ADEA members.

I feel you’re learning modules for “Diabetes and Exercise” would be of great benefit to all ADEA members.

Thank you and best of luck, Sylvana Boitano, Credentialled Diabetes Educator