After 48 years Jackie Wright discovers exT1D and finds Type 1 Diabetes exercise success

Hi Allan, I would like to confirm how my capacity to exercise when I like and as I like has been been so different since I signed up for your exT1D learning modules. I have always been active and loving it, but the BSL implications and understanding of what food when, is something I have been asking for professional assistance for for over 10 years! Finally I found a diabetes educator who gave me the exT1D details. I had a sample and quickly signed on for the full kit.

I was both delighted and furious that the information that I had been seeking for so long was in fact available and that I could have had access to it earlier! But, better late than never. I am now 50, have had type 1 for 48 years and just last week rode my bike to work 4 days running without a single hypo! (Approximately 15kms each way of moderate to hard travelling for me). Only someone who has lived with type 1 will get what an amazingly liberating feeling that is.

A few years ago I had a scary hypo whilst out hiking on my own in Central Australia. I was using injections at the time which now seems like dark ages management as I have had a pump for a touch over 3 years and can’t imagine how I actually got by for so long the old way. The pump marked a vast improvement in how I am able to live my life. The information that I have access to on your site, is equally significant. I can now see opportunity to take on the Overland Track, which I have wanted to do for years but just couldn’t’ see how I could do without significant hypo risk and being a burden on anyone travelling with me.

As my fitness has improved because I am able to exercise reasonably hard I am now modifying the early adjustments with the new knowledge that I am gaining as I go. Just today I have added a new basal program on my pump that reflects my insulin needs when I exercise for multiple days in a row. I have never been able to do this before with any confidence at all.

So, I extend to you my personal thanks and gratitude for your work on helping T1 diabetics get the most out of life. In the few months since I joined up, I have gifted a friend with 3 kids with diabetes the join up for exT1D, informed a passionate optometrist about the site, advised my latest endocrinologist what the program has given me and reinforced it with a Diabetes educator. And most importantly I have become noticeably fitter and happier with what I can do every day!

Thanks and good luck in extending the accessibility of this program as widely as is needed. My endo said when I saw her a couple of weeks ago that I look fitter than I did when she first met me late last year and congratulated me on being part of the 1% of T1 diabetics who chooses to exercise because I love it. You have made much more possible and I will now build on my greater understanding into the future.