Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes - Sampler

Yondi looked at the sampler and nearly missed out, here's what she said after signing-up:

"Hi Allan, I have just started using the website. I received the link in an email a few weeks ago I quickly checked out the sampler. Went straight to the dashboard and thought "What's all this? it looks like way to much work" (I know you say do the e-coach first but you know I'm one of those people who reads the instructions later). Anyway, I received an e-mail today saying the sample time had been extended so I thought I'd just have another look. This time I looked properly and since hypoing on last night's run I thought I'll join what have I got to lose, I might even learn something. I'm glad I did. Now that I am following the e-coaching it's all coming together and the dashboard is not looking so scary now. I am very excited to get started but I still have a few modules to go before I can start to use the dashboard. Glad I took a second look! Thanks for a great site." Yondi

Being a web sampler i.e., 'tyre kicker' can eat time and lead to missed opportunity! See what Yondi says. For less-than-a-latte a fortnight you get the full service! Remember, it comes with a money back guarantee for the first 30 days. If for any reason you decide during that period that the exT1D service is not for you, let us know and we will refund your payment - no questions asked!

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